It’s Saturday morning (finally!) and the chaos around me is driving me up a wall.  Here I sit playing on the computer while the dust grows thicker on the furniture, the food on the dishes in the sink gets harder, the laundry pile gets stinkier.  How is it that we are only home about 4 hours every night during the week, but it looks like we are here just making messes all week long?

I really wouldn’t mind having a maid!  I have a 12 year old who won’t get out of bed for another 2 hours at least, an 8 year old who is in her room this very minute making it so I can’t even get in the door, and a husband (who’s actually quite helpful in the house) who’s reading the newspaper.  Who will be the one to take the incentive to get up and start cleaning?  Me. Moi. I.

Oh dear, look at the time.  I must go now.  The shower calls. . .